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Sadly though, from what I have been told, Grams has no attachment to them. Believe me....I'm trying to keep them even still.

I may just fib and tell mom I sold the second one and give her the $ for Grams. Still though with that prospect neither she nor Grams will give me a $ amount to pay her for the one I am allowed to keep. Ugh!

I really shouldn't have an attachment either as grandpa never even showed them to me, let alone, taught me how to use them. My dad taught me how to shoot on his pistols though. So at least it gave me the respect and desire for firearms. However he bailed when I went to college and never looked back. So I never did, nor ever will, get a gun from him. And I was too young when both of his parent passed, so no keep sakes there. When gramps passed I did not get anything to remember him with either, so maybe that's why I'm so HIGHLY compelled to keep them both.... even if I have to pay for them...
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