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It depends on the retailer. I went to Cabella's yesterday. Many of the shelves are bare. Gun racks are showing a lot of empty slots. They only had a few reloading presses left. For rifle primers all they had were large magnum. For pistol all they had left was small pistol magnum. All pistol, AR, AK, and .22 LR semi auto magazines were sold out.

I asked a member of the management staff if there was another shortage going on. He said not to worry. He was told that they could not order anything until inventory was completed. Then most things would be restocked. Estimated time for that to happen from what he said was around 2 weeks. So looks like we get to find out then.

The local gun store has primers. They are not known for low prices. I treat it like going to the 7-11 for a gallon of milk, and loaf of bread.
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