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happened in the 90's with the Clinton gun ban, happened in late 08 and early 09 when Obama was elected. In both periods it was over in a few months. Why wouldn't it this time?

people panic and the first ones to panic buy up all the available supply. Others who were calmer then go into a panic and there is nothing to buy. manufacturers crank up production but people buy it as soon as it hits the shelves to scalp or until they have enough to supply their grandkids with primers. In 6 - 10 months things finally remain on the shelves more than a week and things return to normal but prices will be a bit higher.

I was one of the ones who remained calm in late 08 and early 09 and barely stocked up before the drought. This time I stocked up last September and October and have a comfortable supply that should last until next January. Then I will stock up again. Same thing will happen after the 2014 elections

and another thing to expect is for scalpers to try and keep the panic going as long as possible so they can sell those 3.50 a sleeve primers for 6 bucks by preaching gloom and doom
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