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CS86, what you need is a basic understanding of casting and using lead boolits.

We seldom have molds that cast exactly what the maker is trying to arrive at. They always are a bit off from what they should be. That's where sizing the boolit comes into play. The sizer swages the boolit to arrive at the size we need to make a good fit with the bore of the gun.

Many types of sizers are around. The Lee system is a die that screws into your press like a loading die. Then there's a pusher rod that replaces/goes into where the shell holder goes. I pushes a lead boolit through the die and out the top. The boolit should be lubed first, as the die ONLY sizes. Lee's system of tumble lubing uses their liquid alox to do this. You dribble some on a pile of boolits, then toss them around. Lay them on some wax paper to dry. Then pass them through the sizer.

Lyman, RCBS, star, all make lubrisizers. The Lyman and RCBS are pushed into the sizer die, then lifted back out. While they're in the die, lube is forced into the lube grooves under pressure. The star is a straight though, nose first sizer. The lube is also put into the grooves under pressure as the boolit passes through.

Get the Lyman cast bullet handbook. It's forward section will give you a good tutorial on boolit casting. Then the back section will give you loads for the final product.
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