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What about "printing?"

I read a lot about "printing" on this forum, that is, a concealed handgun showing a bulge in an outer garment.

Speaking only for my state, Tennessee, what does it matter? Tennessee is an open carry state, so concealment is not neccessary for those with carry permits. But for someone who has no permit and his hndgun "prints" anyway, what has happened? If no gun is seen, a gun has not been seen. That bulge could be a cell phone, Eye Pad or small computer. And, even though someone suspects you are carrying, and you are not breaking any other laws, the police have no right to search you on the strength of another's accusation. This has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, which state, or states, make "printing" exposing?

Incidentally, if a person (in Tennessee) carrying a handgun without a permit uses that handgun in a legitimate self defense, no other crime has occurred. He cannot be charged under the law with carrying. Has occurred in Memphis.

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