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Noob question re reloading 308

Hello all!

I am breaking into the reloading game, and i can't tell if it is my rank noob-ness or another issue that causes this problem, but I'd like to throw it out there and get some perspective...please?

I had a windfall of approximately 5000 LC match 308 brass. I am slowly tumbling and de-priming the brass using walnut media in a cabelas tumbler and using the Lee Pacesetter Die set in the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press. I have deprimed approximately 1000 of my brass thusfar. (a good workout if anyone's interested).***Also, I add a capful of meguiar's scratch doctor to the mix for a better shine on the brass...

I am wondering though, what is a permissible minimum overall brass length for 308 if I intend to run this ammo as plinker ammo through a semi-auto 308 (SA-58)?

thanks in advance for the input.
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