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Bob Wright said:
" gak said......... instead am looking to make a .38-40/.40/10mm convertible out of it "just because." I've heard of these, never done one myself, but sounds tempting. But wouldn't a .40 and 10mm require different cylinders? The two case lengths are different, and both headspace on the case mouth."

Yes I do believe it would require 3 cylinders. It's remained a wish-for gun and likely will for awhile yet, but it's on my bucket list. I figure on a "triple threat"--new BP chamfered .38-40 cylinder, regular Ruger NV (modest chamfer) .40--so reaming out the stock .357 for that might make sense--and a new fluteless 10mm, just to be cute about it...and make for quick differentiation between cylinders. Not necessarily a cheap conversion (the 10mm part was an add on to my original convertible idea and not critical, so could be down the line if needed).

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