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Para-USA, SIG-Sauer, S-A EMP....

There are a few well made, sub compact 9x19mm pistols out there.
Springfield Armory sells the EMP models. Para USA has the Stealth line(LDA system & Ionshield surface). SIG Sauer has the popular P239 DAK in SASII.
This is a melded design that removes sharp-rough edges. The SIG P290 9mm is good too. It's hammer fired & DAK(DA only). The P290 has a small laser aimer add-on too. CT grips can be added to the P239 line.
Kahrs could work for IWB carry but I'd buy a SIG-Sauer first.

If you'd want to see a .45acp model sub compact, the Glock 36 may meet your concealed carry needs.
I like the .357sig over the .40 or 9x19mm for defense but there are a few good selections out there.

For sales see; .

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