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I think prices will continue to go up ....but it depends on what you're looking for in terms of components ...and how available they are....
Some powders are more available ...because there is more of it being used for a variety of calibers and Hodgdon Universal, or Hodgdon Clays..../ so maybe you need to consider changing your recipe to something else ??

Some bullet companies like Montana Gold - are doing the best they can to fill orders...and are limiting some calibers to 1 case per order.../ but they're still shipping. I received a case of bullets I ordered about 6 weeks ago ...just last week. Its just a matter of being patient.

But part of stocking up on your components - is calculating what you shoot in a year ..and making sure you allow 3 -6 months for a supplier to get your order shipped...and just deal with it. You just need to buy in quantities that make sense for your needs. I think the component suppliers will catch up on components - regardless of what happens on a potential assault weapons bill...or not...who knows ??
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