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Vermonter -

Consider buying a single safariland push-type to evaluate before making your decision.

While twist-type speedloaders aren't generally as fast as push-type, it sounds like at least some of your problem is technique related, and may not need moons to resolve.

For example, are you 1) transferring the gun to your weak hand & inserting rounds with your strong hand, or 2) holding the gun in strong hand & inserting with your weak? If you're gonna use speedloaders, push- or twist-type, I'd recommend #1. In the case of push-type loaders, your weak hand supports the cylinder & yoke, so there's much less stress transferred to the yoke screw, and the yoke screw is the only thing holding the cylinder to the gun when it's open. And in the case of twist-type loaders, your thumb, index and middle fingers can hold the cylinder while the rounds are released.
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