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prices for handguns......

In general, with today's economy, a Ruger GP 100 .357magnum should retail around $450-500.00 USD, $550.00 maybe for a 6" barrel model.
Anything more is just mark up, IMO. Smith & Wesson prices for DA revolvers are way out of line too. $700-900.00 USD for a DA revolver that would have been about half that in 2000 or 1995. That's outrageous!
Many new shooters or gun buyers(and there are a lot due to the surge in sales) want a name. Since Colt no longer produces the highly respected Python line or other models(Detective, Agent, Police, Trooper, etc), S&W gets the market.
Rugers are a better value IMO but few people know about the GPs or SP101s that aren't into firearms/shooting sports.

I think it's a metal & fabrication issue too. A factory worker must use more ordanance grade steel or spend more time/labor making a DA revolver than a semi auto pistol, so these US companies feel they can charge more.

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