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You kids today with your optical sights and your fifty-'leven uniforms and your frequency hopping radios and...


I always said that, in the exceedingly unlikely event that I became Sergeant Major of the Army, I would redo the marksmanship standards so that everyone qualified twice a year, once on the "combat" range with pop-ups at random distances, and once on a USMC-style KD range. Optics issued on the pop-up range, irons only on the KD, since it is testing pure marksmanship.

I would also have emulated the Swiss, with lower enlisted and Junior NCOs getting cash incentives for marksmanship; senior NCOs and officers would be fined for failing.

I would also have encouraged the Army to allow deployment with privately owned sidearms (as long as they came from an "approved list", a la practice at many if not most police departments) as long as the service member qualified with that sidearm--ammo purchased by the service member. (Again, from an "approved list", alas, can't have Joe using hollow points to kill tangos...)
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