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Back when I was in South Africa, there was legislation in place that allowed citizens to own firearms. There were restrictions on semi-auto rifles and shotguns and such, but this just meant they were harder to get. There were no restrictions on magazines or ammunition or anything unreasonable like that.

The laws allowed people to own and carry firearms. This was however heavily regulated by the police force. we had to apply for a license to own each gun we wanted, and the police decided if we did in fact need them.

This made it almost impossible to legally own any firearm at all, no matter the make or model, or how much money you spent on the firearm itself or training certifications to meet regulations. If the police said you didn't need one, you couldn't get one.

I don't know how the laws have changed, or how the police now handle the situation in the past seven years, but it's safe to assume that it's not any easier.

One good thing though was the lack of need for permits to carry. If you legally owned a firearm, you could carry it concealed without any issue.
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