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federalist papers

some of the principals in drafting our constitution spoke their minds long ago.
The Federalist papers.
I believe in original intention. Is common now in Con Law circles to speak of a "living document"..all this means is that the constitution says what we say it says. Thus it means nothing, but is a thing of putty to be modified by men in power to suit themselves..OR it is a superstructure...a steel frame upon which all else is hung. I believe it was and is the latter..a document of steel
and that our founder's knew well what is was to be at the mercy of armed power and intended their grandchildren to be and remain free. The 2nd amendment is not about deer hunting or target practice and I do not see how any rational person could think otherwise. The brown bess WAS the assault rifle of its age!
"Shall we ever for a moment or in the least degree
surrender our conscience to the legislator? Why has every man a conscience then?"
this question of Thoreau goes to the heart of it. While we may submit to the government in many areas...there is a point at which it is legitimate, human,
and right for a free people to say I will not. Our founders stood on their I will Not..the issue for us is will we?
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