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Where did Dick's Sporting Goods come into this conversation?

As far as Gander, yes, they have high prices. A buddy of mine does get them to work with him on pricing when he goes. He picks up a couple guns a year from them. Never hurts to ask. Also, their sale prices typically bring them to where they need to be. I have a couple of pistols that I've picked up from them on sale and they have one of the best selections around here.

Also, they just got 18 AR-15s in the other day. There was a line out the door at the open and they were all sold in 10 minutes. Limit of 2 per person. The great thing was that they didn't jack anything up to panic prices. M&P Sport went for $779 or something like that while at the same time, people 20 minutes away at the gun show were paying $1200 - $1600 for the same AR.
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