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Brian Pfleuger hit the nail right on the head with this one. Panicked buyers who were caught unprepared, see it as a way to cash in, or just want to buy something that has a possibility to be banned, have caused the price hikes. I know it gets out of hand sometimes, but as a customer you have the right to refuse the price and try to buy elsewhere.

I purchased a Hk MR556A1 the morning of the tragedy. I paid way below retail. I was hounded by someone (at my LGS)that was caught off guard and wanted to buy an AR. I continuously told him, it was not for sale. Finally to get him off my back I told him if he wanted it to bring me $6000(roughly double the MSRP). His cursing over the price made my day. He thought that I should sell it at what I paid or less just because he "needed" one. I did however turn around and sell my DDV4 to one of my friends. I sold it to him for $1200, but I really didn't shoot it anymore and knew he had wanted it for over a year. Things will most likely settle down, it might take another 4 years or
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