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Kraig pretty much nailed it. if they are allowed to import and I haven't personally read anything that says they will any time soon, they will be sold to importers, probably Century international arms or ATI as they are some of the biggest importers here. when they do, they will have to buy them low and sell them high, as CMP doesn't have to worry about buying low they are able to sell low and will still be the cheapest game in town. also, large importers do not inspect every rifle and seperate by grade so you are just as likely to get a rack or field grade(beat to hell but still shoots somewhat) for $1,000 as you are to get a service grade and I'd bet with them being loaner rifles, there probably wont be too many collectors grades in there so really, I see nothing that they bring to the table other than a lot less headache trying to acquire one.
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