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Especially on the MarlinOwners forum, which I frequent, there is a sentiment of displeasure with the fact that Freedom Group bought out Marlin, closed their plant, layed off their employees, and handed everything over to Remington employees. Now there may be more of an 'out the door it goes' attitude with the new plant, but I have not seen this major discrepancy in "quality" between the JM stamps and REP stamps. Like I said, I personally have seen more broken parts reported on JM stamps. Sure, there are a few reports of this and that, but there are not mass reports of low-quality on even the REP stamp rifles.

I just bought a stainless x7 a month or so ago and there were 5 other stainless x7s on the shelf where I bought it. I went back a week ago and they had 6 on the shelf. $359.99 They ran a bunch of them in 2011 and those supplies are not depleted yet. If they choose to permanently discontinue the stainless x7 or the x7 in general, I would be very surprised.
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