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SASS approved loads?

I'm still chasing an answer to this one? Where can you get the load spec's for the CAS .38 Specials?
I just bought some gunshow reloads that are really light. So light that I have dedicated them for use in my Cobra Derringer low recoil 1558 gr lead bullet loads.

I have a box of Winchester Factory CAS bullets that has Winchester Spec's of 250FT/LBS of energy (pretty healthy!!) With such impressive spec's I thought about shooting them in my 2" Chief's Special!
I know that the rule asks for low velocity loads so's to not damage Steel Targets and I totally agree. But I also want to shoot real man Loads and not some pipsqueak ('cept in the Derringer) in order to make shooting old west style realistic!
Maybe they left the actual required FT/LBS wide open to allow for the top speed compeditors who'd use just a primer if they could to get recoil down?
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