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@ TOM: You hit the nail on the head; I hope all of the smaller gun store owners are not buying new Mustangs or that second home just yet because inventory is going to be a major problem.

The largest gun store in the Chicago area is starting to have that exact issue. No PMAGS to speak of, running low on all other types of mags. They only have one model of Bushmaster AR in stock, a couple of FN-2000's, HK93 clones, SKS's, AK clones etc. Semi auto "tactical" shotguns are mostly gone, pumps are starting to go. The "High Cap" pistol shelves (Sig's, Glocks, M&P's etc) were starting to really thin. I picked up a PPQ on December 27th from them, a store employee told me before the panic they had 4000 guns of various types on hand. At the time they had about 1000.

The only thing that seems to be on hand in "pre panic" levels are revolvers, rimfire guns and 1911's.

If it really does take people like Colt, S&W, Ruger etc a year to catch up like they say it will it might be a long time before sales are back to "Normal".

Not to be political, but considering that the President has now stated gun control is his priority even if nothing is passed this go round, from here on out every single mass shooting or mention of a gun bill has the serious and likely potential to spark panic buying. It may be until after the 2014 mid term electons before things begin to calm down.
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