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. I do like people getting trained to carry - I think that is a moral imperative. Requiring it is something that I go around on at time.
Mr. Meyer, I kick this around in my head also. The crux I always face is the fact that millions of people in the US are raised with guns from the day they are born. They, my self included here, don't really "need" to be trained by a "profesional" to own a gun.

I am not saying that taking a training class couldn't improve ones skills, just that begining type training is a waste of time for some people.

How does a government set a level of training that would qualify someone to own firearms? Is a basic pistol/rifle safety class enough? Would a hunters saftey course be enough? Is military service enough? Or do we need to require advaced courses of the type Gunsite offers?

I have taken the NRA basic pistol course to qualify for my States CCw permit, and must say that it didn't really offer me any more training that I have recieved through a liftime of useing and handeling guns.

We go down a slippery slope when government starts requireing specific education in-order to exercise a right. The individual should be left to make those decisions. We sure aren't going to require a voting rights class for all 18 year olds before they can go to the polls, are we?
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