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Wild Bill brought up a good point "Plinking is shooting at various distances" and he's right! I think of shooting cans ans stuff as plinking but it's not just the target, it's the whole experience so to speak...
Golf balls are really fun but ya gotta be carefull what ya shoot em with! I once shot one with a pellet rifle and it sent the pellet back at me full velocity!!! Real guns and bigger bullets simply launch the ball off.
SOmeday just to make a mess, I'm gonna blast a wet toilet paper roll..
I do think that 25 to 60 feet is a good distance. You can hit cans even if you wobble a lot like I do!
Back when I first got into BP Revolvers I had a heck of a time accepting their group sizes, coming from the world of precision adult air rifles that stack their pellets up. 3" to4" groups always seemed like something was wrong but now I see how load variances and agriculturial sights make for bigger patterns.
I figgure the Human heart is roughly 4" and hits within that circle wouls likely please Wild Bill Hickock!
I have one revolver, a Uberti London Colt copy, that stacks balls into 1" at 7 yards! I can't explain it because the sights are so vague a simple notch and brass pin. It's OK with me cause I really feel good shootin that one. My 5 1/2" Remington also shoots pretty tight! It outshoots it's full sized Brother.
Thanks for the replies guys!
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