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The OP said...
The Sig P239 may be another consideration, although their web specs makes it seem a bit thick for a single stack.
eastbank said...
hunt up a S&W 3913 in 9mm, single stack mag in ss. i have had one for years and got it at a good price as the hi cap magazine craze was the in thing then.
FWIW in length and height, the SIG P239 more or less splits the difference between the full-size S&W 39-series (see my prior post) and the compact 3rd-gen M3913 and M3914.

The P239 and M3913/3914 offer 8+1rd capacity. With the original mags, the full-size single-stack S&Ws are also 8+1rd, but they will accept new flush-fitting 9rd mags.

The major advantage of the full-size Smiths is price: in my area, a slightly but visibly worn example will typically fetch $300-$350, vs. $375-$450 for a 39-series compact and $475-$550 for an equal P239.

None of the above are super-thin or particularly lightweight compared to many newer designs, but they're comparable to many traditional 1911's if you take the safety levers into account. YMMV.
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