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Don't know about bears but I have a bit of experience with moose.

When I hired on with the Anchorage Police Dept I was issued a Model 28 Smith, 357. We could only carry 4 in Smiths or Colts.

Later in my career they started allowing us a choice to carry semis so I tried my 1911 (USGI 1911a1) for a while.

We got a lot of moose - vehicle encounters which required the dispatching of wounded moose.

I shot several with my Model 28, zero problems, worked great. But as mentioned I decided to give my 1911a1 a try. We still had moose/vehicle accidents and I found the 45 ACP sucked compared to the 357.

I went back to carrying my Model 28 and never looked back. I like 1911s and I like the 45 ACP round (suited me well in Vietnam) but its not a large animal round in my opinion.
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