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I've read old accounts of Marines that were given cash incentives and three day passes for doing well in civillian shooting competitions.

I would like for that sense of competition to be prevalent again across the U.S. military. Heck, the U.S. uniformed services as a whole.

Wouldn't it be cool for NOAA to field a rifle team at Camp Perry?

Furthermore, I would like to see the senior leadership of the military, especially the Sergeant Major of the Army and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp take a more active role in evaluating warrior training and marksmanship for junior enlisted. Or atleast spend less time telling me what running shoes aren't appropiate to wear with my PT uniform.

To continue this marry fantasy, whereas officers don't always fight with a rifle or carbine, I think instituting competitions concernings speed and accuracy in land nav, arty, mortar and close air support coordination would be cool to have for the guys with braid on thier cuffs.
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