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The similarities are interesting, indeed!

The folks fighting the Brittish regulars and Hessians had pretty much the same proposition: How the hell do I fight a wall of trained soldiers who are experts in hand to hand combat (bayonets) and capable of unleashing an unsurvivable hail of .69" death ..... all I have is this .40 caliber hunting rifle that can't even take a bayonet!?!?!?! The answer was you don't fight them on their terms, unless you had serious superiority of numbers and equal equipment.

The American Revoloution, like most every successful asymetrical warfare conflict in history, was largely not won by winning major battles: it was won by refusing to lose, and continually hitting the enemy until he got tired of fighting (and paying to fight you) .....

Even the major victories were not really strictly won on the battlefield-the Battles at Saratoga (Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights) were the culmination of a months' long campaign in which Brittish Forces throughout New York, New Hampshire and Vermont were continually impeded, harrassed and attacked at every turn ...... Burgoyne's force spent the better part of a month crossing a 20 mile wilderness south of Skenesboro ...... he lost thousands of men killed and captured in small actions scattered across the region while the American's forces continually got larger ..... the same thing played out in the south, years later.....
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