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A loan...?? / how am I supposed to buy a new Lexus LX-570 and another Freedom Arms revolver....if I give you all my petty cash.....?? ....I need that $ 100K for toys man !!

Man, you guys are rough on us old guys....

Mow lawns...I don't have any lawn ?? / and my wife does all the landscaping...( its important to marry well !! )....( lawns are a conspiracy have to pay to water them, buy a lawnmower and then pay to get rid of the grass....)....I just don't get it.../ we have a little over an acre of " shrubs and stuff " that my wife lovingly attends to - and that's the way its supposed to be / but then again, she volunteers but isn't coming into the office more than 2 or 3 days a month - and I work 3.5 days a maybe I'm getting the short end of this deal....

Oh well.../ can't blame you guys for asking ...
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