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I guess my main problem with .375 Ruger is an inherent distrust of manufacturer specific cartridges.
Oh, yeah! Like those useless 300 Winchester Magnums. Why didn't they just stick with a 300 H&H Magnum? Or a 7mm Remington Magnum? Or a 375 H&H? Oh, yeah! Those are manufacturer specific cartridge, too!

At one time, most of what we call "standard cartridges" were, in fact, manufacturer-specific cartridges. Whether a cartridge sticks around and "makes it" is often a matter of how well they are marketed and promoted, not how well they perform. Case in point: 280 Remington, as opposed to the 270 Winchester. Performance of the two is pretty close to the same, but the 270 had a well-paid, well-spoken, well-respected spokesman that claimed it would do anything from ground squirrels on up to elephants. The 280 had a spokesman who was well-respected as a technical expert, but who had trouble expressing it. There are many other examples: 6mm Remington vs 243 Winchester, SAUM cartridges vs WSM cartridges, 300 Savage vs 308 Winchester, etc, etc.
this rifle has one or more "assalt rifle" characteristics-an EVIL MUZZLE BREAK!
Muzzle brakes are not evil, flash suppressors are. In CA, flash suppressors are banned, muzzle brakes are not. Go figure!
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