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In the '90's, I had to endure a hard-core Amway sales pitch by a gun dealer that I decided to use for a transfer. I thought to myself "what the heck did I do to have to endure this idiot and his friends swooping down on my like vultures?" Needless to say, I never stepped back into his shop.

While this was not a matter of racism or sexism, I would be equally as turned off by that. When people go to a gun shop, they want to look at guns and talk guns. How hard is that to understand?

Regarding all the zombie stuff - it's trendy and stupid. The targets don't bother me, but I saw several AR's done in "zombie" and "skull" themes. Nothing screams "mall ninja video gamer" more than an AR with zombies anodized all over it.

Do the prevalence of zombie and vampire titles reflect poorly on bookstores?
I am not of the opinion that this is is at all comparable to a gun store selling rifles with zombies all over them. First, real guns are nothing like books. A toy gun would be closer to a book. Second, if a book store had a section devoted to: how to make bombs, computer viruses, methamphetamine, poison, and various other types of criminal and anarchist endeavors, that would definitely reflect poorly on a bookstore that is trying to cater to most family oriented folks. Do you think Ford is going to come out with a new line of trucks depicting splattered zombie guts all over the front hood?

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