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South Korea is SELLING the guns back, not giving them back like most countries that we loaned rifles too.

They will not go back to the CMP. The CMP does not get direct turn ins. CMP guns have to go through the Army.

The SK Garands, if sold back, (and I don't know if they are or are not being allowed by the State Dept), they will go to the highest bidder, or jobber, not to the CMP, not to individuals.

I would be willing to bet you the SK Garand prices to the jobber, will be higher then the CMPs prices to us individuals.

Not to mention, every Garand (or other rifle) that is sold by the CMP is gone over by Armors before they are put on the shelves. If, for some reason one sneaks by with some sort of a problem, the CMP will make it right.

You'll never find better customer service then the CMP.

Give you an example. I went to Camp Perry to attend the CMP GSM Master Instructor course. The rifles we used were taken off the sales shelves.

I was paired up with a lady who had problems with the op rod binding up. A simple fix, but I brought it to the intention of the instructor, (Gary Anderson) who brought in the sales staff, then an armor. The discussion was not on how to fix the gun, (again a simple fix) but how the gun got put on the shelves in the first place.

My opinion is, if you want a Garand, buy one from the CMP, they vary in prices depending on what you want, but one thing you can be assured of, they WILL WORK. They will probably be cheaper, and a big plus in my opinion is:

All profits made from the CMP Sales goes to support shooting programs, mainly junior programs.

Even if they were the same price, or a tad higher, I'd rather spend the money that supports Junior Shooting Programs.

After all, juniors are the future of our shooting sports.



Take a kid shooting
Take a kid hunting
Take a kid fishing

Its the future of our sports, its the future of our kids and its the future of our country.
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