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was just up to Cabela's last Saturday... no small pistol, or small rifle primers... I did buy a box of large pistol primers since I shoot alot of 45 Colt ( especially during the summer CAS season ) they had several bullets...

I've been disapoint in my normal on line sources, I'm going through my ammo & components, since I'm moving them, & tried to buy plastic ammo boxes, & even in calibers like 25-06, 7 X 57 etc... they were all out... while at Cabelas, I was suprised that I was able to pick up some plastic boxes for my 357 max ( which share the same boxes as 223 )

tough time to "get into" reloading... you can buy the press, & in some cases the dies, but you'll have to be patient on alot of the components... sad, because I don't have an over abundance of small pistol primers ( which of course I could load into 9mm... but that I use most of for 32 H&R Magnum for MRS to shoot CAS during the summer )
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