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If the primary 1911 trait you want is thinness, Kahrs are fine.

If you want a 1911 type trigger or ergos, Kahrs make no sense. They have a long trigger pull, with a feel much like that of the trigger on a nicely broken in DA revolver. I have owned a couple Kahrs. (Edit: I had a PM9, which a friend bought from me because his wife wanted it for CCW, and have an MK9, though a buddy may buy that one... Kahrs are very accurate little pistols, but since I can conceal larger guns, I normally do.)

In your price range, the SIG 938 makes a lot of sense.

(Edit: removed redundant references to RIA Tactical Compact, since two others had already mentioned it.)

The Springfield EMP would be perfect, but new ones are out of the range you mentioned. You might find a used one; in the used market, an STI Shadow might be found. I suspect even the used EMP, Shadow, and Dan Wesson CCO prices will still be over $700.

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