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I haven't read the article yet.

While I own an AR-15, I am sure I could live without it. If someone offers me enough, I'll sell it and probably won't replace it.

Nonetheless, I oppose a ban on this and similar weapons because . . .

When a substantial portion of your population wants something, or wants to do something, all making it illegal does is create a new business opportunity for organized crime and gangs. They do business with violence and bribery. They spread death and corruption. They destroy our society.

Alcohol destroys many people and their families. Prohibition did not arise out of thin air. However, the effects of prohibition were even worse than the abuse of alcohol, and we were wise to abandon the experiment.

Drugs do the same. However, the War on Drugs has been a failure. All we've done is increase the level of violence and employ a lot more cops.

There are laws against gambling and prostitution. They don't work. They just fill the coffers of criminal organizations, corrupt officials and make society worse.

Banning semi-automatic rifles is going to do the same thing. So will doing anything that makes them difficult to own.

It's a big mistake.
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