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You know that cheap D/A 22 everyone is looking for?

Well, "they" don't really make them anymore, but back in the day, both Harrington and Richardson, and High Standard (and a couple other companies) did make them. No, they weren't Smith & Wesson or Colt, but they did the job they were made for, and did them pretty well.

I found this one at the LGS over the weekend, and for the price (Less than $175.00) I couldn't pass it up. Other than a slight turn line on the cylinder, and a drag line where the cylinder pin rubbed the recoil shield it looks pretty much like new.

It's a High Standard Sentinel "Deluxe", R-106 from the late 60's or early 70's as best I can tell. The frame is aluminum. The grips are plastic and surprisingly comfortable. The hammer is case hardened. The rear sight is drift adjustable if you want to do that. Personally I just think of them as fixed and use Kentucky windage. It holds nine round of 22 LR. I remember back in the day they were thought of as good shooters. Not a K-22, but acceptable for a "kit gun."

Hope to get it out and shoot it a few times anyway today.
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