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Buyers set prices. Free market. Capitalism. Freedom. There's no moral consideration, at all. Prices are not right or wrong.
Respectfully disagree. There is no moral requirement, but there are moral considerations. It is basic greed we're taking about.

I can understand increased pricing based on wholesale prices rising (next round of AR shipments), but existing inventory was bought and paid for. 100% or more mark-ups were not justified by the financial burden of the store.

These little LGSs that so decry the big-box stores and lament the lack of customer loyalty are the first to screw the customer when they get a chance. My Cabelas in AZ sold out on ammo and ARs, but they didn't inflate their prices to do it.

So while LGSs are well within their rights to inflate prices and hide behind "supply and demand", I don't beleive they have a leg to stand on when they complain that I take my business to a big-box store or some on-line retailer after this crisis has passed.
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