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As security of the students is ultimately the respnsibility of the principal and the superintendant, then they should have to either pay for security, or in smaller districts, do it themselves. If they are paid more than the POTUS, then that is not too much to ask.

At Sandy Hook, the principal of the school went to confront the gunman .... could that have not worked out better if she had more than righteous indignation and harsh words at her disposal?

Arm the Admins, at the very least. Qualified teachers next. All this could be done at a very low cost.

Any reasoned examination of the problem would lead to that conclusion.

Sadly, many "Educators" live in a world ruled by emotion/feelings, rather than logic and physics ...... which is why they are turning out so many "educated" ignoramuses that feel so good about themselves and hit the real world and are stunned that it demands abilities that they don't have and results they can't achieve ....... they certainly can express how they FEEL about everything, but they can't DO much of anything.
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