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Although it's DA/SA and has a "backwards" slide-mounted safety, the S&W 39-series full-size single-stack pistols have ergonomics modeled after the M1911, and are approximately the same size as a Commander.

The full-size versions come in several basic flavors in 3 generations. The 1st-gen basically consists of the Model 39; the most common variant is the M39-2 ("thirty-nine dash two"), which has an improved extractor design and an alloy frame in blue or nickel finish. The 2nd-gen models added a trigger-actuated firing pin block for drop-safe DA/safety-off carry, and an optional RH-side decocker/safety lever. There were 3 models: the M439, basically an updated M39-2; the M539, which has a steel frame, but was unpopular and is quite uncommon; and the M639, which is all-stainless. The 3rd-gen models added several design refinements, the RH-side decocker/safety became standard, and the later-production pistols have improved sights. There are two models: the M3904, basically an updated M439, and the M3906, basically an updated M639. However, most late 1980s buyers wanted "hi-cap nines" and were not interested in these pistols, so they were dropped after only 3 years. They're somewhat hard to find.

More info and pix here:

OTOH have you looked at the RIA 1911 Compact Tactical? It seems like what you're after, although it's Officers ACP size rather than Commander size; I'm not sure what you consider "good sight radius".
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