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I don't know if Wolf ammo is actually "dirtier" than other ammo. What I do know as that it might not seal off the chamber quite as well as brass ammo, permitting more carbon, gas etc. to enter the chamber. It is not corrosive. I have fired Wolf .223 in an AC-556 with no problems. I have also fired it in a Professional Ordnance Carbon-15 pistol, and after a couple of magazines, the gun will start to malfunction. When I clean the gun and re-lubricate it, it works fine again with Wolf. In an AK, I have no problem shooting Wolf. I have also used it extensively in several of my 9mm's - no problem. Even my STI 2011 .45 did ok with it.

My conclusion is that it will gunk up your gun faster than higher quality ammo. Whatever, it's cheap to shoot and I have plenty of spray cleaner and oil.
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