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watch in 5 years they will be worth like 400 bucks wouldnt that be funny
The ChiCom SKS's that were $79 in the 90's are now $400-500 ..... and we are borrowing/printing dollars much faster now than we were then or since..... a $99 Mosin will be worth much more than $400 in 5 years, I'll bet.

7.62x54r Milsup is cheap beacause it was paid for by the sweat and deprivation of various peoples under Communist rule for half a century+ .... and then when it was no longer needed, scooped up for next to nothing by politically connected "entrepenuers" for "kopecks on the ruble" and sold for Dollars and Duetschmarks and converted to Gold. They are not making it in the state plants anymore, as those plants are either mouldering away or in private hands and cranking out more modern chamberings. Milsurp "Mosinka" fodder will dry up, though if there's a market for inexpensive 7.62x54r, that wil be filled- PPU is out there, at $17/box of 20 .... not cheap but is reloadable, not corrosive and not FMJ.

Could be that in 5 years, ANY functional rifle and a supply of ammo could be.... priceless.
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