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The gun show I attended was in Orlando. I do not recall seeing anyone selling reloading supplies (or primers) at this one.

I looked at the revolver prices - the prices are about where they have been for a couple of years now. I was checking out some S&W 8-shot .357's. I didn't happen to see any Pythons for sale - not saying there weren't any, but just didn't see them.

There was a real lack of high-quality semi-auto rifles for sale like: FN FAL's, SIG AMT's, HK-91's (not even any PTR-91's), or FN SCAR's. I saw a few MSAR's, priced at about $2,000.

Also, no Sig X-Fives (competition, all around, or Level 1), although I did find an all stainless Sig Elite with a price of about $1,000 on it.

What I found interesting is that, while you couldn't find any of the newer AR upper receivers, you could find stripped A2 uppers, but no one wanted them. I guess they are too "old school" and not tacticool enough.

I saw very few AK's for sale, even the cheaper builds seem to have disappeared. I did see a guy trying to sell what appeared to be a Norinco RPK (integral bipod) for something like $350. I was definitely a Norinco, but I'm not familiar with exactly what it was and couldn't get through the crowd to see what it really was.

Tactical looking pump shotguns with shrouds on them also seemed to be popular.
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