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Well, I don't have any other ARs laying around to compare it to, so this is a pretty generalized statement.... I think it's great. I failed to mention that this rifle comes with a single stage trigger. I had no troubles staying on target and applying pressure to break the trigger at the same time (one would hope... right?) I don't have a trigger pull gauge, but to me, it felt like it was somewhere around 5 lbs according to the calibrated finger.

I recently shot a Savage Edge 7mm-08 that belonged to a friend; the trigger was appalling. Easily 15 lbs. After a 20 round box plus part of another, I could actually feel some fatigue in my forearm. Had a hell of a time staying on target too. So... there are some very bad triggers out there for sure. For a lightweight rifle like the edge, the problem was magnified.

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