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Srebrica was a UN made disaster.

I was stationed in Germany during the War in Yugoslavia ..... training up in "Low Intensity Conflict" and "Peace Keeping" - two fictions invented by leaders who know NOTHING about combat, which is "killing people and breakin' stuff"..... I could see what was happening with the whole UN "safe zone" BS ...... unless the UN "peacekeepers" were willing to step in (and get slaughtered) , the Serbs were going to do whatever they wanted (which was basicly act like Nazi forces did in Russia, and the Red Army did in turn in Germany).... The UN was all about "Rules of Engagement" and "Laws of War" and "Talks with a view toward Peace Accords" ..... and the Serbs were all about killing as many Bosniaks as they could, before they could arm themselves.

I saw the future (me wearing a Blue Helmet in the Balkans), and made my way out of Uncle Sam's Killin' People and Breakin' Stuff Club.
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