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Thanks for the detailed info!

Having never been on this forum before, I bought one of these Saturday and went home, cleaned it and went out to shoot it, and the very first shell was a FTF. I cleared that one and emptied the magazine without a problem. The next magazine I had 1 FTF and 1 TFE. The third magazine went fine and a fourth magazine went fine also. Thought the gun was ok and just needed a little breaking in. Sunday we went to the range and again had 1 or 2 problems with each magazine. I was getting pretty frustrated because it is so fun to shoot but really starting to get on my bad side with all the problems. I bought this gun because it was sopposed to be high quality. I got on line to search for a remedy and the first thing that came up was this thread, and it was exactly what was wrong. The screw was very loose and showed no sign of blue locktight, it was long enough that it reached through the nut by a thread or two though so ISSC has tried to address the problem. I re-assembled the gun using blue locktight on it and after letting it sit a while went out and emptied 4 magazines without a problem! Looks like I have a new favorite gun thanks to the info on this thread!
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