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I know that revolvers are suppose to be the most reliable (though I've heard some say a Glock rivals or even beats the old wheelgun since the wheelgun has more moving parts and is more delicate and is like a clock everything must be perfect) but how about in cold weather conditions and possible condestation? I heard Glock is the best "cold gun" but wasn't sure if its true.

Now here's the main reliability thing I always wondered.... What is more likely to FAIL TO FIRE (not jam) but plain not shoot? Just fail to fire? Lets say pulling the trigger again on the Revolver doesn't work. Wouldn't a Glock than win in reliability?
Also I assume the only thing that would cause a flat out fail to fire on a revolver or Glock would be something like a broken firing pin, etc. Isn't a revolver more likely to have a part break than a Glock? And if that's true wouldn't a Glock be more reliable than a revolver? I don't know the answer that's why I'm asking.

Is a revolver really more likely to go "bang" every time you pull the trigger than compared to a Glock? I thought the only thing that would cause a complete
Fail to fire in a Glock would be a broken part... And I thought Glock parts are less likely to break than a revolver?

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