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Glock vs RUGER LCR what is better in COLD?

Okay I was wondering what is better RELIABILITY wise in cold weather: GLOCK (Glock 26 to be exact) or a .38 special RUGER LCR? I know the Ruger isn't full metal like most revolvers and is partly polymer from what I heard.

I would be keeping the pistol in the cold winter most of the time. Like at work I work 12 hour shifts and can't carry at work so it'd sit locked up in my car during winter. It can get as low as -10 on the worst days at as high as 40 degrees (F) on the best days. Average temp is probably 20 to 30 degrees for the next 4 months or so. So it's pretty cold. I made a thread before about keeping a Glock in cold weather. I was told the only issue would be condenstation - such as when I bring a cold got into the warm house then back out into the cold again.

I'd like advice from any of you - I currently have a Glock 26 but wasn't sure if. RUGER LCR would be better suited for how I use it. Reliability due to condestation from cold to warm and back and forth is all I am concerned about. So a Glock or RUGER LCR what is better?

I say a RUGER LCR only because I have a trade offer for my Glock 26 and the offer is a RUGER LCR. I just wonder if it'd be more or less reliable for the conditions i said.
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