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Carl Rowan; double standards....

I recall a event many years ago where a gun-control loving, anti-2A newspaper writer in the metro Washington DC area; Carl Rowan(check spelling) was exposed as a fraud when he used a HANDGUN to scare away a prowler next to his backyard pool. Rowan was exposed as a 2 faced jerk. He claimed the handgun was given to him by his son(a former FBI Special Agent) for protection.

I'm not sure of her name but I also read a item of gun control group exec who got a lot of bad PR because she got her son a AR rifle as a gift.

I watched a older YouTube video of a anti-gun rally where a state senator from CA spoke. In the clip's description the member wrote that the CA elected offical's young daughter was arrested & facing trial for armed robbery.

I'm sure there are a lot more examples out there.

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