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My parameters define a handgun as one that can be carried comfortably in a belt holster all day, yet can be snatched from the holster and fired with one hand.
I can see how that works for you, and not a problem.

I don't think of my T/C Contender as a handgun, really, even though it is. Super 14" bull barrel, .223 with a LER handgun scope.

I think of it as a rifle without a stock and long barrel. Shot from a rest, I do things with it that are pretty much rifle propositions. But it's more enjoyable to bring out to the range than a rifle due to it's (relatively) compact dimensions.

I wouldn't even consider trying to find any manner of holster for it, and there's no point in trying to shoot it one-handed while standing with no support.

I kind of think about the big X-frame Smith & Wessons in a similar way. Big bore rifle in a compact package. Kind of like a Contender...but with follow-up shots on board.
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