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Not convincing.

First off, Winchester White Box is not really a "target" ammo in the sense that most of us would consider target ammo. It's not a "light" load, and it's not extra-super-specially consistent round to round so it's not what a bullseye competitor would choose to shoot for the national championship. Winchester calls it "target" because it's a FMJ bullet so it isn't a "personal defense" round. It's actually about the same, ballistically, as the original military issue ammo for the M1911, so I think he mischaracterized that round.

And for most of the hollow points he criticizes them for not expanding, but he wasn't shooting into gelatin he was shooting at cloth and Kevlar. Hollow points expand as a result of hydrostatic pressure. Shoot a dry medium and there's no fluid to resist compression, so nothing to generate expansion.

As to the Remington "Gold (sic) Saber" 230-grain +P+, I don't think so. I don't think Remington's 230-grain Golden Saber is even +P, and I seriously doubt they offer a +P+ version.

All in all, a slick presentation that mostly shows a guy who doesn't have all the facts.
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