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Originally Posted by Koda94
my apologies, yes you did understand my question correctly. As far as why its better is because it makes the officer more comfortable knowing your following the law, they cant assume that just because you have a CHL you have good intentions.
In the end I don't care about what my passenger thinks about me owning and carrying a gun... I'm only trying to be considerate to their feelings, but in the end I don't care. They chose to ride with me. It might be inconvenient socially, especially if its a co-worker or client, but oh well maybe they are pro gun anyways.
You got me (and perhaps a few other people) more than a little confused because the title you gave to this thread is "CCW cover blown by the law ..." That implied (to me, anyway) that you must live in a state that requires notification, or that you believed you might live in such a state.

Now that we know you DON'T live in a state requiring notification, and that it appears you already knew that ... why title the thread as you did? The law isn't requiring you to blow your cover. After opening the discussion saying you didn't want your passengers to know and bemoaning the "need" to notify, you now say you don't care if your passengers know you're carrying, and that you would notify voluntarily even though you know the law doesn't require it.

I guess I don't understand why you even started this discussion ...
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