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TomL has stated some good cautions. Still, it's worth a look IMO. A lot of cosmetically rough carbines have turned out to be fine shooters nd even pride-worthy pieces after some clean-up/TLC.

All carbines were made, by specification and contracts/sub-contracts, to have interchangeability of virtually all parts, so by now it is not unusual to have a "mixmaster"--much of which may have occurred in the post war refits (the last "original" GI was aactually made in 1945) which subsequently supplied the Korean War and did service beyond including early Vietnam. Still, if the barrel and receiver both are Underwood there's a fair chance that it was a mostly un-messed-with example (even through refit) of it's major parts. As TomL would say, that still doesn't guarantee that someone didn't put a barrel on at some point to make it look "all original," but that's ok. (except for those intentionally misleading claiming truly all-original for collectors). Even so, keep in mind many carbines (and other weapons) received updates and various parts swaps in the field or new or re-issues underwent arsenal updates at times during the war. I have swapped some smaller parts into my mostly Inland example noted in my previous post--to make it even closer yet to an all-Inland strictly for my own entertainment. In fact, I'm in the hunt for a decent WWII-issue Inland stock. I swapped out the Underwood unit to someone needing that (for the same reason) and ended up with a post war/Korean War "potbelly" M2 stock--a legitimate military arsenal-issue but replacement and non-walnut piece. I'd like to get it back closer to original WWII issue.
...Or, as a nod to TomL, it could be completely worn-out junk!

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